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I am a third generation missionary and minister of the Gospel. From a very young age, I not only accepted Christ, but I had a stake in sharing my Savior with others.  I had a unique experience being the son of international missionaries (Latin America) in that they recognized the value of making me an equal partner in their mission. This cultivated an appreciation and lasting compulsion to seek out and follow my own calling into the ministry.


At the age of fifteen, the Lord confirmed this call on my life, and immediately, I was positioned to carry it out in the remaining years and months in Honduras. Working with young adults and teens to share the Gospel, we led campaigns in the streets, schools, and sporting facilities and the Holy Spirit led thousands to Christ and more were exposed to our message of hope. Being exposed to such wonderful work of the Holy Spirit was a joy, and it was difficult to take the next step in my calling,

By God’s grace, I graduated with honors from Northwest University with a Church Leadership degree, and was almost immediately blessed with a ministerial position in the San Francisco Bay Area serving alongside Chinese and Taiwanese transplants serving local and international brothers and sisters in Christ while continuing to reach the lost. It was during this time and the Covid-19 pandemic that the Lord began to cultivate the basis for AS ALWAYS MINISTRIES in my heart. 

From leading youth and teaching in third-world public schools to being a part of a ministry that influenced the globe and particularly China, I have been extremely blessed to carry forward this calling into this new season.  God has been preparing  this special opportunity for a new avenue of outreach, and my family and I have stepped out in faith to accept it. What a tremendous time to be a part of the move of the Holy Spirit!

May Christ be glorified!

Brandon Fillpot


But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and Kings and the children of Israel.

Acts 9:15

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