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Make Disciples
(Our Philosophy)

What does it mean to make disciples in a post-postmodern society struggling to recover from worldwide pandemic? Exactly what it meant the days of the Early church! Noting the historical significance of the timing of Christ’s birth in relation to the Roman Empire’s constructions of roadways that propelled the first wave of the Gospel, it is incredibly exciting to see the inclusion of all available means of carrying the Gospel forward. It should be noted that all Gospel partners are commissioned to do the work together, and no means of sharing either physically, virtually, or yet to be devised should be treated in higher or lesser regard. What all Gospel partners share is the tremendous weight of what comes next.


Sharing the Gospel to so many is only the first step in what ALL Christians are commissioned to do, and where would the universal Church be if not for Christ’s command for us to instill the values and teachings of Christ to aid those to grow in their “first love”? Through the connections we make through online portals and with church partners, we are discipling the next generation of believers and at the same time, the next generation of disciplers! 


What has not changed in the 2000 years is the need for 'Koinonia' (Latin for fellowship), especially with those that are new to the faith. For this reason, our partnerships around the globe are vital to our process of bringing about the Kingdom of Heaven. Already, we are directing individuals within our scope of influence to those that answer the call. In this way, we build the body of Christ, the local church, and grow the online presence of online advocates for Christ!

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