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Refining Worshippers


Valerie Fillpot currently offers the following services to worship leaders and worship team members; specifically vocalists:


*These donation-based workshops are intended to bless churches and individuals that struggle with the financial means to attend large worship or educational conferences. Donations given go towards furthering the work of As Always Ministries especially in covering the cost of providing these services and others to impoverished areas all over the globe. Please contact me directly to sign up or to request more information.*

The following workshops are currently available for worship teams or groups of leaders:

Worship-Focused Vocal Workshop

This workshop is an introductory workshop that lays the foundation for why we are called to nurture our God-given voices for the purpose of worship. After laying this foundation, the basics for vocal care are taught along with vocal warm-ups that teach the vocalist how to strengthen and expand their vocal range, strengthen their breath-support, and create better mouth shapes. In the next portion of this workshop, we use well-known worship songs to apply the techniques learned to show how much of a difference it can make when a person sings with correct technique vs without. Time for Q&A is the final segment of this workshop. 

~It is recommended that this workshop be taken first before taking the next ones.~

Harmonies and Balancing Multiple Voices

This workshop starts with basic warm-ups to ready the voice to sing throughout the workshop. In this workshop, the vocalists learn how to hear/find harmonies after being given a melody. We will talk about how to choose which harmony to sing when given different circumstances, and delve into the nuance of when to sing harmony vs when to sing melody or when to not sing at all. Time for Q&A is the final segment of this workshop. 

Spirit-Led Worship & How To Engage Your Congregation

This workshop teaches leaders how to take basic worship sets and refine them into a cohesive experience of worship. We will discuss how to create a cohesive setlist, and how to make it cohesive even if the songs don’t have a central theme. How and where to allow room for the Holy Spirit to move in a way that is powerful without losing the sense of structure within the service will be explored. Lastly, how to understand and read your congregants while they are engaged in worship so that you can best lead them in the moment is discussed. Time for Q&A is the final segment of this workshop.



These are one-on-one lesson for individuals who are interested in continuous improvements. Typically, these are 1x/week ongoing lessons.

      Lessons come with personalized warm-up videos which get updated as your voice and skills grow and develop. These warm-ups will get you to use proper technique to strengthen your voice, and expand your vocal range in a healthy manner. You can use these videos to warm up before any practice or vocal event. 

      Lessons include warming up, practicing specific songs of your choice, and then focusing on certain skills needed to help sing the “hardest parts” of those songs. All skills learned with these songs will help you become a stronger singer as a whole. Learning how to sing contemporary music with a healthy belt and how to sing hymns with a more formal and classical voice can be achieved in the same lesson!

      Little bits of worship wisdom work their way throughout the lessons as we talk about the songs and also how to actively lead others into Spirit-led worship. 

      Currently, all lessons are done online through Zoom. Lessons start at 30-minute weekly lessons, though can be expanded in length as desired. 


*Please contact me directly for private lesson pricing*


One-time lessons are non-continuous lessons that are for individuals who need a one-time follow-up lesson after a workshop, or need an intensive hour of coaching with a very specific agenda prepared beforehand. This hour is 100% catered to your needs. An individualized warm-up video can be recorded during the hour for future use. Because time is taken before the paid hour to prepare for this lesson, and due to the irregular scheduling nature of one-time lessons, these lessons are more expensive than ongoing lessons, but provide a significant, ongoing value beyond the lesson itself.

*Please contact me directly for One-Time Lesson pricing*

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